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Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart. How to Read the Bible for all its Worth. Zondervan Publishing, 1993.

Johnny D. Hinton. A Symposium on Gospel & Preaching vs. Doctrine & Teaching. Tape & Tract Ministry of the church of Christ, 401 S. Mekusukey, P.O. Box 878, Wewoka, OK 74884-0878.

J. I. Packer. Knowing God. Intervarsity Press. 1993. (Good theology resource).

Thomas L. Reed II.  Defining the True Gospel; A Study on the Meaning of the Gospel that Saves. Koheleth Ministries Publication--West 54 church of Christ, Box 331, Nevada, MO 64772.

Larry West. Getting to the Point--The Gospel Point. Star Bible Publishing, INC., Fort Worth, TX 76182-9974.

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